Philips EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

Lightweight at 14kg and with easy to roll wheels, the EverFlo is able to be moved easily through your home. If preferred  a longer cannula may be used so that you can move freely with day to day life.

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Metal Cannula Connector – Creates secure connections and is more durable than traditional connectors
Interface Panel – With on/off switch and alarm indicators
Recessed Flow Meter – Reduces the risk of breakage
Molded Handle – That’s easy to pick up and transport with one or both hands
Light Weight – Just 14kg (31 Pounds)
Quiet – One of the quietest concentrators on the market (45dbA)
Easy to Maintain – No provider filter change for two years, no patient filter maintenance
OPI (Optional) – The OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) is a light on the front of the unit. When the oxygen level deviates from the physician’s setting, the light turns orange and the alarm sounds.
Full 5-Litre Capacity